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Soldier, Member of Special Units,Crime Police Officer, Retired Veteran, Web Designer & Developer or Photographer?

And somehow still alive!?! Sounds a bit much for one lifetime, doesn't it? I was born in 1972g. in Zagreb, Medveščak (Yugoslavia, Federal Republic Croatia). I got my first camera, "Smena 8", from my father on my twelfth birthday. Smena was manufactured in the USSR in the same factory where ground-air anti-aircraft systems named "IGLA & STRELA eng: NEEDLE & ARROW" was developed. So cute and predictable.
I have graduated primary and secondary school in a small Slavonian town, Požega. Like every other teenager, I liked photography, women and beer. At the age of 14, I have built a small darkroom lab for developing black-and-white photos.
  That lab was a good reason for neighbourhood girls to visit me and, for me, the perfect excuse to turn off lights. Shortly after I graduated high school, the war started in Croatia, but let's fast forward through those years because that story is not exactly appropriate for this topic.   
  After the war I worked in the Criminal Police as a CSI detective and than I used my camera professionally. As a consequence of working in that field, as you can imagine, I didn't want to use my camera for almost twenty years.
Sometimes I like to say I was "Overloaded with revolting subjects". Nowadays, my love for photography overshadowed the revolt and I start to use the camera again, becouse simply I'm in love with photography!

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